The MindFlow Method: How You Can Achieve Anything by Not-Wanting and Not-Doing


How to release negative energy from the body by ’not-wanting‘ and ’not-doing‘, from the creator of Mindflow©.

The groundbreaking MindFlow© Method is your key to finally overcoming anxiety, combating stress, and tackling emotional blocks, thereby releasing an infinite source of life energy.

Through a powerful yet simple combination of movements, you can trigger energy shifts and reconnect to the natural flow of life.

This is how the MindFlow Method works:

• Using movements similar to Qigong, we tap into the energy field within and around us.
• This brings us into a higher state of consciousness (the G4 state) where our bodies release ‚happy‘ hormones that help us relax.
• In this state, we can harness any toxic energy that comes our way and use it as our own strength.
• This brings us into alignment with our own inner power, calm in the knowledge that we are connected to life energy.

Discover the life-changing effects of the MindFlow Method, which will teach you how to release your resistance to challenges, raise your energy level, and move into a state of flow and deep inner peace.